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Women in Technology

On November 21, join BCjobs.ca and the BC Tech Association for a panel bringing together women leaders who will be sharing their experiences working in different roles within the tech industry!

Following the panel, you’ll have the chance to get a closer look at roles you’re interested in during breakout discussions. Learn more about career options and opportunities in tech, find out how you can kickstart your career, and discuss how we can come together to champion more diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

This event will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with ambitious women, get engaged in the community, and share ideas on how to encourage and empower women in tech.

Ticket proceeds from this event will be donated to organizations supporting girls and women in tech locally.
There will be prizes at the end for you!

Hear from women leaders in tech, including…
◘ Stacey Wallin – Head of Growth at BC Tech
◘ Catherine Dahl – CEO at Beanworks
◘ Tia Fomenoff – Director of People and Culture at Thinkific
◘ Tracy Huitika – Director of Data at Unbounce
◘ Maryam Mobini – Co-founder at Intentions Lab and Innovation Consultant at Envisioning Labs

Big thanks to our wonderful sponsors for their support!

Intentions Lab
Envisioning Labs
Lorna Jane